Flute lessons are available for students age 7 or older, from beginner to advanced level.  Flute lessons focus on a variety of music styles, based on classical flute technique and principles. I promote the development of proper breathing, tone production and technique, in addition to performance style and interpretation in a wide variety of styles, including jazz, pop, and world music. Lessons occur once a week, every week.  I also aim to help students advance in the band system as taught in California public and private schools. My main focus is on developing all aspects of the student’s technique, not only limited to those found in the band materials.

Required Materials: Students must have access to a well-maintained flute in good working order for practice purposes. Flute students should bring their current music repertoire and a lined notebook to each lesson.

Practice Expectations: Flute students are likewise expected to practice enough to reach their lesson goals each week. Practice should focus on both technique and repertoire, with a strong emphasis on tone production.

Ensemble playing is highly encouraged for flute students.  The studio will arrange for regular free accompaniment during lessons and studio recitals.  Students will be motivated to join local youth orchestras and school bands and to perform in the community.


Playing and written examinations are highly recommended but not compulsory. I offer preparation for and participation in the following examination systems:

Certificate of Merit (California)

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (UK)

Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada)


All students are required to take part in my studio recitals twice a year, usually in May and December.